What is IV Vitamin Nutrient Therapy?

IV Therapy has been trending, and thanks to the IV Therapies Dr. Raul Rodriguez offers at Rodriguez Rejuvenation in Houston, Texas, you can find out for yourself why celebrities and beauty vloggers like Chrissy Teigen, Rhianna, Cara Delevingne, and Chloe Morello have posted about their visits to IV Therapy clinics.

What is IV Therapy, you might ask? IV Therapy, also known as IV Vitamin Therapy or IV Nutrient Therapy, are intravenous drips that renew your entire body on a cellular level with bursts of crucial micronutrients and hydration for a natural way to achieve radiant skin, boost your immune system, hydrate your body, and get a powerful charge of vitamins and nutrients. Rodriguez Rejuvenation offers IV Therapy in Houston, Texas as an affordable way to revitalize your health and appearance from the inside out. IV Therapy at Rodriguez Rejuvenation isn’t some magic solution though—it works by providing your body with an infusion of the vitamins and nutrients it so desperately needs.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

What should you expect when you come to Rodriguez Rejuvenation for IV Therapy in Houston, Texas? First and foremost, Dr. Raul Rodriguez and the IV Therapy practitioners at Rodriguez Rejuvenation want to welcome you into their spa-like clinic and make sure you’re comfortable. They’ll discuss your health and beauty goals with you, to determine the IV Therapy protocol that will offer you the health and cosmetic benefits you seek.

Once your IV Therapy practitioner has prepared your IV Therapy vitamin infusion, a needle will be inserted into your arm, and the high doses of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and hydration you’ve selected will start to course through your bloodstream. IV Therapy at Rodriguez Rejuvenation beats diet and nutritional supplements for its nutrient absorption rate, because only a fraction of nutrients that travel through the digestive system first are absorbed into the bloodstream, whereas nutrients received intravenously are absorbed 100%.

Why Use IV Therapy?

Nutrition and hydration are fundamental to self-care, and those two aspects of life affect so much of how your body functions that the list of ways you can benefit from getting IV Therapy at Rodriguez Rejuvenation in Houston, Texas is virtually endless. Pregnant mothers in Houston sometimes receive IV Therapy to supplement their nutrition and nurture the growing infant inside of them. The health-conscious appreciate that IV Therapy is an effortless way to cleanse and detox your body. Many people prone to colds and flu receive IV vitamins to boost their immune systems. IV Therapy has even gained a reputation as a hangover cure for its ability to hydrate and revitalize the body quickly. It’s easy to pop into Rodriguez Rejuvenation for an IV Therapy drip whenever you need it. Devotees make it a regular part of their health and beauty regimen!

Feel the Benefits of IV Therapy for Yourself

IV Therapy has gained popularity among celebrities and elite athletes seeking super boosts of vitamins, nutrients and hydration, and all of the physical benefits that follow IV Therapy. Thanks to Rodriguez Rejuvenation, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to experience the benefits of IV Therapy in Houston for yourself!

Whether you are looking to bolster your body’s defenses, rejuvenate your hair and skin, recover from illness or injury, or craving a surge of nutrients and hydration, there’s an IV Therapy protocol for you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodriguez at Rodriguez Rejuvenation in Houston today, and get ready to discover how refreshing and energizing IV Therapy can feel.

Ready for your beauty boost? Call Dr. Raul Rodriguez of Rodriguez Rejuvenation today to learn more about vitamin and nutrient-rich IV Therapy!